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about us

Who We Are
Established in 2006, Seven Cities Rickshaws provides an eco-friendly mode of transporting people and goods in the seven cities of Hampton Roads. A rickshaw, or pedicab, is a non-motorized vehicle powered by trained pedalers. Currently Seven Cities Rickshaws transports in a two-mile radius in downtown Virginia Beach. We can pick you up and take you back to your destination of choice. Our pedalers are polite, friendly, trained, licensed, insured and familiar with what's going on around the City. In addition to service in the downtown area, Seven Cities Rickshaws accepts reservations for special events.

Community Involvement
Seven Cities Rickshaws strives to be a part of the community and accomplishes this in part through its pedalers, who are locals familiar with the area and what's happening on the scene. Seven Cities Rickshaws may be counted on to support and promote local artists by offering free advertising on their website and rickshaw services to events such as the Stockley Gardens Art Show, Wine by Design and at the Contemporary Arts Center. Seven Cities Rickshaws pedalers also volunteer for the Tour de Cure each year. In addition, Seven Cities Rickshaw members are seeking a seat on the City of Virginia Beach's Bikeways and Trails Advisory Committee, so their bicycle expertise may be a benefit for the good of the community.

Seven Cities Rickshaws are part of the "Virginia Green" program that pledges to reduce their carbon footprint, recycle and reuse. Seven Cities Rickshaws is responsible for the first on-street bicycle rack in the Hampton Roads area, as well as encouraging the City to provide on-street parking for bicycles. We also helped establish the first permanent recycling bins at Virginia Beach's Town Center, making it the first metropolitan area in Hampton Roads to do so. Read more about it in the article, Town Center Gets a Little Greener.


Hours of Operation For The Virginia Beach Oceanfront:
Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm

Sunday 10am-7pm

Business Hours For Downtown Virginia Beach:
Wednesday and Thursday
5pm - 10pm

Friday and Saturday
5pm - 2am

Business Hours For Downtown Norfolk:
Wednesday and Thursday
- 10pm

Friday and Saturday
5pm - 2am

Phone (757) 417-5595
Office hours are Monday through Friday 8am-4pm eastern standard time.

Thanks for your support.